Alice M.

“The teachers have a profound understanding of the work and the courses are well-organized. This made me feel safe enough to let go and do the deeper work I always wanted to do. The way space is held here is remarkable–especially compared to my experiences in shamanic practice settings elsewhere.”

Paul J.

The Applied Shamanism Immersion class has helped me live more consciously, with heightened senses and increased awareness of both ordinary and non-ordinary reality.

Katharine R.

“The Advanced Applied Shamanism class provided me an opportunity to prepare and step onto the path of service more fully.  The teachings in the class enabled me to strip away blocks of my own resistance to being fully in my power.  As a shamanic teacher Isa Gucciardi lays the groundwork in a way that is profound.  I always experience major shifts in consciousness  in her classes.  It is her keen ability to ground and teach these shamanic processes that allows me to navigate these shifts in an environment that is held and supportive.”

Rona R.

“I left the Shamanic training with new resources and energy available to me as I work to understand myself and the people I work with. Isa has a unique gift of explaining and demonstrating complex ideas. She offers  her knowledge and experiences with a combination of humor and dignity. Isa also teaches her students how to access their own knowing, and seeing, and feeling, in a safe and beautiful environment.  I look forward to learning more.”

Brittany A.

“This curriculum is incredibly powerful.  It gives students a much deeper understanding of the way intentions effect experience; clearer access to resources for aligning to positive intentions, and the tools needed to confront and deal effectively with negativity of any kind.  I am so grateful to have access to this base of knowledge.  Thank you!!”

Claudia F.

“Are you ready to go exploring?  A big wide world opens up for you to jump up into, and the ascent is illuminating.  If you are interested in furthering your understanding of shamanism, I urge you to take a swim in these waters.  Isa teaches you to navigate safely, ethically and with all the tools necessary.”

Sarah H.

“I have felt an expansion of perspective and inner self esteem rooted in genuine personal regard since the Shamanic Journey weekend. I am quickened by this shamanic journeying process. Building the relationship with my guides and knowing they are committed to my development in a compassionate and wise manner is just what I needed. Utilizing the information gleaned in the journey is empowering and fruitful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ellen R.

I have found this work to be very moving and profound for me. It has allowed me to see clearly into patterns I have been struggling with and trying to understand and change for many years. Because of this paradigm and the way that Isa delivers this teaching and wisdom, I am not triggered when I get this information and don’t feeling judged or that there is some agenda. The tumblers of the lock seem to click into place and I have a completely new way of seeing the situation and the choices I have made in reaction to it. It’s doorway that allows me access to a different world of insight, information and connection. What a gift.