Circles for the Earth

The Circles for the Earth practices were originally established during the 5-year devastating drought from 2011 to 2016 in California. Interestingly, whenever we held circles during those years, there would be some degree of precipitation within a few days of the circle. This might have been coincidence, but the more we worked with these practices, the less we thought about coincidence.

We naturally understood that the drought was part of the larger issue of climate change affecting the entire globe. When the rains came to California in the winter of 2016, we shifted our focus to bringing these same practices to other areas of the earth that were experiencing the consequences of climate change, pollution, or other negative effects of human activity. Circles for the Earth continues today and has grown into an international circle of dedicated people helping to heal the earth.

Circles for the Earth is a monthly non-denominational healing circle for the earth. On the first Sunday of each month, at 5:00 pm, live via video conference, we focus our attention on healing natural places that have been polluted, contaminated, or are experiencing the effects of climate change. You are invited to join Circles for the Earth in whatever way feels comfortable for you. For instance, you may be trained in Reiki or shamanic practices or you may simply pray, meditate, or send light. When you join, you will receive monthly updates on the work and an invitation to join our private Facebook group where you can connect with other members and stay up to date. To join, simply register for a Healing for the Earth circle via the calendar here: Applied Shamanism Calendar. This will automatically enroll you in the group and you will automatically receive information on how to connect via ZOOM (please note that you will need to register for each circle you plan to attend in order to receive the ZOOM link for the video conference).

Circles for the Earth
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The techniques used in the Circles for the Earth have roots in weather shamanism, which has been practiced around the world in different shamanic traditions for millennia. Weather shamans might work directly with the elements and spirits of nature to bring rain during times of drought.