Certificates & Training

The Certificate Programs in Applied Shamanic Practice and Plant Medicine Integration provide a well-grounded and comprehensive shamanic training that is entirely relevant to the modern context. Graduates of these programs will have all the tools they need to establish and maintain a healing practice based in shamanic principles.

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners

Students who complete this training and an annual report become members of the Circle for Shamanic Practitioners and are listed as practitioners on this site. There is an annual fee for listing and review. The following classes are required for the Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice:

* Please be advised that tutorial versions of courses, designed to help students who missed a prerequisite course to begin training, do not count toward a certificate. They do, however, qualify students to take the full course for which they completed the tutorial at the repeat rate.

* Eight (8) transcripts of sessions with clients: four (4) transcripts of  applied shamanic counseling sessions and four (4) transcripts of applied shamanism sessions (using various techniques, not including shamanic counseling; contact us for details).  Transcripts must be turned in within 12 months of Advanced Applied Shamanism and must pass review. (For active Depth Hypnosis Practitioners, only the latter four (4) session transcripts are required.)

* Session transcript review and certification fee ($250). If session transcripts do not pass review initially, each additional transcript review is $50. (For active Depth Hypnosis Practitioners the review and set-up fee is only $125.)

* Renewal requirements include an annual report, annual fee of $195, and participation in the annual Advanced Applied Shamanism Seminar. The first seminar will occur in 2020. Date TBA.

Plant Medicine Integration Certificate

Students who complete this training are eligible to receive the certificate in Plant Medicine Integration and for active Applied Shamanic Practitioners, this certificate will be included on their website listing. The requirements for the certificate in Plant Medicine Integration are as follows:

* Completion of Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice (above).

* Attendance at the following workshops:

* Renewal requirements include an annual report.

* Please note that students who are interested in taking the Plant Medicine Advanced Training, but are not interested in the Plant Medicine Integration Certificate or the Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice, can take the Advanced Plant Medicine workshop and are NOT required to take the following workshops: Working with Dreams or Path of Service. They are only required to take one of the following courses: Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course or Applied Shamanic Counseling.