Maria Giudice

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners Certification: Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice

Location of Practice:Oakland, CA and worldwide via phone/internet


Maria Giudice is a Shamanic Counselor, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, and a Certified Leadership
Coach based in Oakland, California. She works with individuals, couples, partners, and teams to help
unlock the hidden potential they see in themselves and in others.

Throughout her illustrious career, individuals, creative teams and business leaders have sought the
provocative vision and mentorship of Maria Giudice. As founder and CEO of the pioneering experience
design firm Hot Studio, Maria built a thriving practice around the principles of people-centered design.
After Hot Studio’s acquisition by Facebook in 2013, Maria led global design teams at Facebook and

A popular speaker at design and business conferences, Maria is also the author of several books,
including Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, which has been translated into several languages.

Maria Giudice
Oakland California United States