Karen DeTemple

Karen DeTemple

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners Certification: Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice

Location of Practice: San Francisco, CA, Sonoma, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet

Website: pathwaytotransformation.com

Karen helps clients tap into transformational Earth energy to find their way home to the resonance of their true selves. She understands that modern life is inherently difficult; we find ourselves existing at a fast pace with layers of habituated learnings we have employed to survive. Yet little of the modern human existence brings us regularly into our natural, blissful state of feeling at home in our own skin. Her practice is rooted in the belief that what’s happening in our outer world is a direct reflection of what’s happening in our inner world; therefore, she begins by exploring within.

As a Shamanic Counselor, she focuses on helping clients increase their personal power by working with the innate wisdom in the natural world to heal from within. She also employs hypnosis and energy medicine techniques to assist clients in creating a more organized and balanced personal energy system. She believes passionately that from this position of aligned personal power, we are able to dramatically affect what we attract and manifest in our outer worlds.

Karen DeTemple
San Francisco, CA
Sonoma, CA United States
Phone: (415) 377-0890
Email: karen@pathwaytotransformation.com
Url: http://pathwaytotransformation.com