Faten Qalawi

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners Certification: Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice, Certificate in Plant Medicine Integration

Location of Practice: London, Ontario, Canada, and worldwide via phone/internet

As a certified Shamanic counsellor and practitioner, Faten compassionately meets each of her clients in a non-judgmental safe space, energetically cleared and constructed appropriately in accordance with their unique experiences and needs. Faten is honored to be part of that space as a hollow bone for the healing and wisdom energies to move through, prompting the reconnection and supporting the mobilization of her clients’ innate power, sense of authentic self and wellbeing by facilitating awareness, healing, and integration of their lives’ diverse experiences resorting harmony and coherence back to their holistic sense of being.

Faten’s services in this modality include, but not are not limited to, Applied Shamanic counselling, Soul Retrievals, Power Retrievals, the application of diverse Energy Healing Modalities, Energetic Clearings, and Preparing and Integrating Plant Medicine Experiences. She is fluent in English and Arabic.

Faten Qalawi
Ontario Canada
Phone: (519) 200-9485
Email: faten-qalawi@hotmail.com