Denise Colby

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners Certification: Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice, Certificate in Plant Medicine Integration

Location of Practice: San Francisco, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet


Denise Colby, Ph.D., is a certified yoga instructor, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, and Applied Shamanic Counselor. She holds a doctorate degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and combines her scientific background with a compassionate and intuitive approach to treating the mind, body, and spirit to bring a powerful and pragmatic approach to healing. Her work is rooted in a deep and compassionate understanding that the coping mechanisms and behaviors that cause us suffering in our current lives are a response to the difficult circumstances we endured in our pasts. She takes a client-tailored, dynamic approach to healing your past so that you can change your future. Denise provides a safe and understanding environment to help you discover the home of your heart.

Denise Colby
San Francisco
San Francisco United States
Phone: (510) 919-8157