Clementine Moss

Circle of Shamanic Practitioners Certification: Certificate in Applied Shamanic Practice

Location of Practice: San Francisco, CA, and worldwide via phone/internet


A professional musician, Clementine has spent years opening to the true self field of consciousness in order to be fully present on stage as a performer. As her healing path developed, she saw that her music career had laid the groundwork to shamanic practice, and to assisting others in opening to the flow of infinite potential. She uses sound and vibration as healing tools that clear obstacles to our inherent joy and ease, true freedom of expression, and the capacity to give and receive unconditional love. Clementine’s work is also supported by various energy healing techniques, as well as a decades-long practice in insight meditation and Advaita inquiry. She is a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, with a certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy from the Nalanda Institute.

Clementine Moss
San Francisco
San Francisco CA United States
Phone: (415) 993-1293