The Applied Shamanism™ community consists of students and graduates who have studied Applied Shamanism over the last twenty years. The nature of shamanic practice has always been to bring the power and the wisdom of the Earth to benefit the affairs of humans. The members of the Applied Shamanism™ community carry on this tradition in supporting others who offer their services to the community, in offering individual healing sessions and healing clinics, and in helping increase awareness regarding environmental issues, like the Strawberry Creek Watershed Project.

The mission of the Space Clearing Society is to support other healers by clearing the spaces where they work and live. “Healers” is a broadly defined term – referring to community service workers, teachers, and healing practitioners of all sorts. We have cleared hospitals, city halls, the homes of mayors, animal shelters and schools, in addition to clearing the offices and homes of individual practitioners.

Many Applied Shamanic Counseling Practitioners offer individual sessions through their private practice, and community Healing Clinics are held regularly so that people who might not have the resources for private healing sessions can be well served. The practice of drum healing is an ancient one, and many kinds of imbalances can be addressed within the context of a single healing.

The Circles for the Earth is a world-wide community of both applied shamanic practitioners and other types of healing practitioners who come together to address the effect of climate change and the activities of humans that have negatively impacted the Earth. We work to help focus attention on environmental issues – and provide solutions and healing to the parts of the earth that have been compromised.

Healing Circles are held to help community members who are dealing with life challenges. They are also held when there is a challenge facing the community at large. In these circles, the graduates of the Applied Shamanism™ workshops bring their skills to the circle and offer them in a way that is most needed and helpful in the particular circumstance.

We have been holding quarterly Drum Circles for over twenty years at the equinoxes and the solstices. We are carrying on a time-tested tradition of marking and honoring our relationship to the sun and to the Earth – and we offer the larger community the opportunity to come together to connect with the seasons and to remember the larger cycle of life that we all share.

We welcome you to our circles and dedicate ourselves to the wellbeing of the Earth and all her creatures.